Computation Engineering

Alternative Materials

Dartmouth College, Thayer School of Engineering

PI: Prof. Jeremy Faludi

Collaborators: Yuan Shi and Sanchari Ghosh


At the Faludi lab, we designed many sustainable alternative materials for 3D printing, and studied their behavior. Using what we learned from life cycle assessments, we invented new composites that require less energy to 3D print. This project is ongoing - our goal is to understand how these composites behave, and how to optimize them for a variety of additive manufacturing applications.

Van Sice, Shi, Wang, and Faludi, SEM photo of mineral-based filler, 2019.

Van Sice, Shi, Wang, and Faludi, SEM photo of fiber-based filler, 2019.

Recovered orange peel for sustainable printing materials.

Van Sice, Shi, and Faludi, vases made from a mineral-based 3D printing paste, 2019.